Dada Poetry: A World Of Chaotic Expression

Dada poetry was a movement in the arts during the early 20th century that valued intuition, spontaneity, and irrationality. Many people consider it to be one of the first art movements of this type. The dada poets were trying to break away from tradition and create something new, which resulted in some pretty exciting work. […]

Introduction to the Shakespearian Sonnet & 11 examples

The sonnet has a long and distinguished history, dating back to the 14th century. It is one of the most famous verse forms in the English language, with over 1,000 examples written by poets worldwide. In this article, we will take a look at 11 of Shakespeare’s greatest sonnets: from his most famous (Sonnet 18) […]

The little-known role of the Moon in literature

The little-known role of the moon in literature While the moon has always held intense symbolism in it, one of the moon’s universal symbols in literature is simply: love or lovesickness. However, generally, the moon holds feminine characteristics in literature.  It stands to serve as a comparison or metaphor or some sort of description of […]

How Does Poetry Affect Mental Health?

How does poetry affect mental health

How does poetry affect mental health? “You have a great writing skill, your words are magical and you are knowledgeable, if so, why don’t you use your skills to write something more uplifting, you know, something happy?” “Your performance was phenomenal; can I ask why you were so aggressive?” “Why do all your poems sound […]

Life Is Awesome When You Write For A Living!

Life is awesome when you write for a living! “I write for a living, as in, I live a little every time I write.” I have lived with fading keyboards and papers, blank canvases and brushes, a mind full of thoughts, heart full of questions, and a lump in the throat for as long as […]

Our Story: A sensational origin- Part 1

Our Story- A sensetional origin: Part 1 I cannot tell you what I would have become had it not been for Pick Me Up Poetry. I could have landed in Banking, Accounting or most probably, I’d be the administrative assistant at my dad’s good private practice in our small town in Zimbabwe! We can only […]