Changing The Immutable

By Jeffrey T. Bender

Behold, the vision that I tell,
And recall the day that Tower fell.
An angry mob took arms that day,
And attacked the place where power lay,
The Tower, where nine men held sway.
Unjustly they had ruled the land,
Now their judgement was at hand.
Each day another pled his case,
Yet the counsel never dared lose face.
For each day their answer remained the same,
“Depart here! Go to the land that has no name!”
“Walk that cursèd lost man’s trail,”
“For from this land you no longer hail!”
One by one their numbers fell,
Til came the ringing of the Bell.
A man of high honor was being tried,
And, suspected of treason, was exiled.
Long had he helped create the plans,
But now wasn’t there to make a stand.
Taking it upon themselves in anger,
They put their lives in great danger.
An angry mob took arms that day,
And attacked that place where power lay,
That Tower, where nine men held sway.
Up and up the flames crawled high,
Up into the clear green sky,
Thus toppled the Tower with a glorious cry.

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