Chanson De La Seine

By Jacques Prévert

THe Seine is so lucky.1
Coz it has no worry.
It flows a happy life
Both at day and at night.
It comes out of its Spring
So softly, noiselessly
Without being mossy
Without leaving its bed
It goes to the seaside
Just passing through Paris.

The Seine is so lucky
Coz it has no worry
And when it has a walk
Along along its wharves
With its so nice green dress
And all its golden lights
Our Lady, so jealous,
So stern and immobile
From the top of its stones
Gives it a few ogles.

But the Seine doesn’t Care
No, it has no worry
It flows a happy life
Both at day and at night
It goes towards Le Havre
It goes to the seaside
Passing, as in a Dream,
Amidst the mysteries
Miseries of Paris.

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