Chartered Accountant

By Varun Barma

The economy’s imprint in my hand
The DNA of business in my mental land
Transactions don’t go unnoticed by me
Balance Sheets are approved after paying my audit fee
The lifeline of leaders rests in my wrist
The power of my pen could give their fate a twist
Careful am I in implementing my actions
Totally free from corrupt and illicit actions
Ethical in every way modest and pure
It is my job to provide every financial ailment a cure
Companies are opened and closed like books now and then
Many get liquidated you never know when
However amidst this all my expertise lies everywhere
Tax, Cost, Finance, Law, Accounts, Management I can work anywhere
I dedicated 10% of my life behind closed doors and a pile of text
Still I continue to learn not knowing what is next
Very few can wear this badge for it costs you your joy
Struggling for years while watching the world enjoy
I am indeed proud to announce that I am an overall wealth assistant

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