Cheer Up!

By Amos Russel Wells

Cheer up! for the sun is a-shining
Somewhere, in the heart of the sky;
Cheer up! for the folly of whining
Is close to the sin of a lie.
Cheer up! for the burden of sorrow
Has ever a coming relief;
Cheer up! there’s a brighter to-morrow
Cheer up! there’s an ending of grief.
Cheer up! or the present is wasted,
The beautiful, only, to-day;
Cheer up! till a beaker is tasted
Why turn in abhorrence away
Cheer up! for good sense is a leaven
To lighten the load of a fear;
Cheer up! for all God and all heaven
Are offered, and eager, and here.

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