Christians - Lsd & Scientology

By Jim Boone

They have all tried unsuccessfully
To alter my sense of who I Am

L. Ron Hubbard’s books hooked me
And inquiry sent ‘auditing’ attempts
To brain-wash a youth full of gumption and
Self-preservation. They did not succeed.

The good Christians of everywhere USA
Announced over and over that people
Like me do not deserve to live the life
God breathed into us at birth. They are wrong.

LSD and Magic Mushrooms did such
Outrageous things to my brain and perspective
That once was definitely enough, but I
Had to give them a second chance just in case.

Lookout Mr. Hubbard, Jerry Falwell and drugs
That will never take hold of me, cause
Here I go without you; here I come
On my own, by the Grace of God.

I was happy when ‘they’ said to me,
‘Let us go into the house of the Lord’
And I went home, put ‘Purlie Victorious’
On the record playher and enjoyed a
Marlborough Light as I worked on a poem
And prepared for an evening with friends.

Hummm, ‘And God bless the child that’s
Got its own, that’s got its own.’

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