Christ's Word

By Anonymous

The words of Christ are fruitful seeds,
Springing up in loving deeds.
The words of Christ are lamps aglow,
Showing travellers where to go.
The words of Christ are shining goals,
Beckoning courageous souls.
The words of Jesus mountains are,
From whose top we see afar.
The words of Jesus are a fleet,
Loaded with the finest wheat.
The words of Jesus are a host,
Conquering foes thut loudly boast.
The Saviour’s words are skilful guides,
Leading up the mountain-sides.
The Saviour’s words are lashing cords,
And flying darts and piercing swords.
The Saviour’s words are gentle rain,
Freshening the arid plain.
The words of Christ our life shall be,
Here and through eternity.

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