By Wini Jose

From my window, I sometimes do look,
When distracted from my physics note book.
That building they are constructing in front of mine,
Yes it looks gigantic, but it looks fine.
I have been hearing the breaking and cracking and all sorts of sounds,
Enough to shake three hundred towns.
From the very first brick,
The building grew as fast as a magic trick.
Cement mixers and trucks come and go,
The workers doing their job under the sun’s bright glow.
For me it was just a fantasy, a wonder,
The building to me is and never will be blunder.
For everyday, I saw it coming slowly to life,
A true result of the workers strife.
It smiles at me through its newly fixed windows and main door,
As if to say shyly, look at me no more.
When the lights come on, oh it is a treat to see,
I wish I could stay there for free.
The building towers above my head,
Like a magnificent elephant, well fed.
For the workers, it is like a dream coming true,
To see their hard work towering high into the blue.
But at last when the workers leave after their duty,
They turn back for one last time to look at that beauty.
Their mere wage is nothing for them to stay there,
Hence they walk on not knowing where.
This world is strange in its paths and ways,
And I believe it will become stranger in the coming days.
So the building stands in front of me,
Like a part in world history.

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