Cosmic Rhythm

By Amrita Seemungal

she had a burning desire; an egocentric thrill.
a need to disrupt the constancy of her life,
to dramatically dissociate from conformity,
and become the sole dweller of her universe.
one that rebels it’s place in the cosmos.

she was already remote from the others,
outrageously imposing and other-worldly,
she accentuated perfect idiosyncrasy.
for her icy mantle that created fog halos,
she carried a core imbued with a fever.

she fanned the flame to burn into an inferno,
until she shifted her life into full retrograde,
bridging together the divides of her nature,
she activated her freedom and individuality;
a woman of color in a monotonous crowd.

with life’s impermanence cruelly threatening,
she manifested every energy in abundance,
channeled her soul’s sacred wavelength,
hauled her dreams into subliminal orbit,
for she had one chance to envision her self.

voyaged into a black hole of introspection.
unaffected by forces that oscillate around her,
she dismantled every negative tendency,
and like a celestial body as eccentric as Uranus,
she awakened her own cosmic rhythm.

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