Cure For Stuttering

By Stevie Taite

Whilst walking to work through Brunswick Square
A man on a bench went to stand
He wore a brown suit and he had auburn hair
And a notebook was poised in his hand

His eyes were sincere and they pleaded to me
More than his words when revealed
A stammering sentence
congealed at his lips
And the smirk at my mouth I concealed

I fashioned a smile which served to bring calm
And he heartily took in some air
He passed me the book at the end of his arm
And I read under his watchful stare

The sentence was simple, it said nothing new
And I handed it back with conviction
I decided to give him the time he was due
And help cure his crippling

He looked at me kindly with thanks in his face
And I noticed his eyes were ice blue
He spoke his first words with a steadying pace
Which for him was a brave thing to do!

I turn out to be candidate number3
He had been there from first light of Sun
He had to stop one hundred people like me
and get us to sign when he’d done!

Although I admit I first thought it a joke
And this method of cure quite absurd.
My mind would be swayed with each word that he spoke
By the last line less stutter was heard

I told him well done and I said he was brave
He thanked me and wished me good day
His eyes thanked me too with the look that they gave
And with that we both went on our way

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