By Mac Adrone Adonay

Here we are living on these changing years
Where technology regimes day by day
Every second, information appears
And fills our thirst and takes us lands away
Helpful is the internet
There are many things we get.

But there are some who use it in bad ways
They don’t know that on it people may see
The character of man through all the days
There are ‘netizens’ who use it badly
I don’t know the reason why
Their vanity soars on high

Whatever you do, you’ll be criticized
People will judge you, they will make you fall
Yes, the ways of men seem so modernized
But their conduct don’t really change at all
And it became violent
Men now have no contentment

There are men that live in narrow creed
They’ll try to shatter you into pieces
If you fight for truth, then you’ll get bullied
Your good image will now turn as a mess
That’s what boastful people do
They shall wound and injure you

The truth is- that is the reality
Few are truthful, many are pretenders
That is true, open your eyes and see
The attitude of evildoers
Prove them wrong, they’ll be guilty
Prove them right, they’ll be happy!

They can make people believe on their on their lies
God’s watching them, that’s the thing they don’t know
The truth shall prevail, the truth never dies
One day may come, they will receive the blow
Of their painful wrongdoings
What they will get? – sufferings.

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