Daffodils Of Golden Grace

By  Subimal Sinha-Roy

Air ripples with the scent of spring on the meadow
I see the shine of dulcet patina of the dainty petals
unfurling with the tender touch of the dawn’s hues
enhancing the golden opulence of dancing daffodils.

The flowers blossom in lively silence with divine joy
look up to the sunburst canvas of the sapphire sky
absorbing its splendor in the essence of exuberance
paint the portrait of narcissus of exquisite beauty.

The satin night showers stardust on frilled corona
suffused with mesmeric film of flowing moonbeam
the flowers sway on slender stems in gentle breeze
they listen the whispering melody of spring sonata.

As the celestial charisma dances with floral cadence
swinging daffodils create joyous rhythm in my heart
perceiving the heavenly luster of ethereal euphoria
for the placid petals reflect the golden grace of God.

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