Dear Future

By Anotida Katuruza

You are an Adventure I yearn to explore.
A puzzle I desire to put together.

A dream I wish to never forget nor wake up from.
Lyrics I want to put into a song.
A song I want to be stuck in my head.

A mystery I want to discover and solve.
A picture I want to frame in my heart.
A love letter I want written in my mind.

A secret I want to share.
A map I want to get lost in.
A world I want to live in.
A star I want to look at forever.

The moon on my darkest days.
The sun on my happiest day.
The mirror I want to see myself through.

The blanket I want to sleep under.
The cup I want to drink from.
The lipstick I want to wear.

You are my heartbeat.

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