By Giorgio B

I look over the lake,
To nature oh so peaceful.
Trees peaking high,
As high as eagles.

There’s sweet singing birds,
Bringing joy to the heart.
A feeling so sweet,
As sweet as a tart.

The mountains beyond,
Displaying snow-capped tips.
There’s stunning blue waters below,
And to the bases of mountains they grip.

But there’s a problem my friends,
One of which you may not know.
It concerns the trees on land,
Not the waters below.

It’s the problem of deforestation,
It starts with the felling of a tree.
But it quickly spreads until,
All the trees are amputee’s.

The destruction soon grows,
And there’s no trees left.
No burrows or nests for the,
Animals that once here slept.

This leads to death and extinction,
And many horrible things.
Just the thoughts drag me down,
Becoming a bird with clipped wings.
So please, I ask you,
Don’t let this destruction run free.
Or else nothing will survive,
No even a bee.

So please head my warning,
And let’s all work together.
And if we do it another way,
We won’t even damage the heather.

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