Déjà Vu Love

By Rosennab

This is not déjà vu

This is déjà you

Here you go again

Completing another cycle of our love circle

Around and around you fill me completely

Two dozen years of loving me sweetly

Flashbacks of forgiveness

Your giveness

Adventure is your strong suit, but patience is your trump

And you play me like a pick-up game of noon basketball

Guarding me close while navigating our journey of love

From world travel, to the perfect cup of morning coffee

For an imperfect wife

Nursing me to health when my body is weak

Supporting my independence with a shoulder to lean on

Working to the bone to make a happy home

Recollections of “I love you” whispered as you drift off to sleep

Soothe me like a warm blanket in winter

You have lit a fire in my heart that burns deeply

The image of your smile embedded in my brain

Over and over and over

I’ve been here before

Just the thought of you or the mention of your name makes me smile

And you just keep loving me all the while

So familiar

Repetitive memories of peace that needs no mercy

Still my heart begs to beat next to yours to create the rhythm of our life

I am not desperate for love, I’m just desperately in love with you

There is no rebellion in our joy,

Only critical acceptance and a commitment to love more deeply than any pain

I have followed you with eyes wide open as your favorite fan

Proud to be your woman and proud that you’re my man

I married my friend

My friend became my partner

My partner became my teacher

My teacher became my keeper,

The keeper of my heart

Time passes by our love will never part

So just keep on using me until you use me up and I wither

Because I’ve taken all I can from my lifetime giver

Like déjà vu, I will always love you

Like déjà vu, I will always love you

Déjà vu

Deja U

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