By Carlo Bordini

The world was made
in very little time,
amid great quarrels,
and only at the last
moment was it decided,
out of mistrust,
to institute death and to split up the sexes.
God was very jealous
of his four or five colleagues and out of spite
he said:
In any event they’ll all be broken in a few years’ time, some without
an arm, some without a leg, might as well
make them die!
And another one said:
And how are you going to make new ones?
I won’t make them, they
will! Nice work. And so,
at the last moment,
in a few minutes, they invented sexual instinct,
and childhood. They almost came to blows.
And one said: can’t you see
that this way it will be full of problems?
Who gives a damn – said God.
– I don’t even like this world anyway.
It came out wrong. Nice work –
another one interjected. – What did you expect, given that they all have to eat
one another? It’s logical that they would
wear out. And so? What would you have done?
They almost
came to blows.

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