By Henneh Kyereh Kwaku

the seat is upon us again
solemn, yet a reminder of death

faith, love & forgiveness

amplified by stripes sheep, astray and
laid thus that sacrifice unknown foe

pierced six thousand sons on target
to end the population

the nation pain is going on active over
the woods police conformity with law
gain failure marked as Government

protect each other until poses threat
to things that are not like the revival witnessed

dent, again bright on everything
I appeal to you, in the blood spilled on us

I appeal to you, in the blood spilled on us
come lift lives into absence

wave the organisation to rise tragically
mark a day report a stand

guard the breach disregard the economy
lives steer our nation onto path

fortune is extremely troubling
wearing exceptions with recklessness

majority gathers to eat, drink, laugh and talk
in subject to spite the huge dependence foreign regard

government forging funds for development
short is the capacity to finish

come to life have no doubt
God too shall pass the battle for the night

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