Desert woman

By Seema Gupta

She is born with the
silent language of desert and winds

engraved in her soul and
every night staring towards the sky

fighting with her own guesses

which she made to catch the star

her beloved was following
to reach his destination
she sends her whispers

along with tender kisses

placing on the wings of wind

believing the wind would surely

travel far and far away
to transfer her kisses

with her passionate message of

longingness to her beloved

she lives in fire of

endless waiting moments
with flood of stroms in her eyes

and suffers moments of blazing coals

as horrible pain

with a desperate desire to

rest in his strong arms forever

she try’s to gather dews of her

evaporating deep breaths

and create imaginary of being

beside him peeping in his eyes

she never know

her wait would end or not

But she know one thing

she is a desert woman
and with flux of stone body

she would be waiting till her last breath….

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