By AHO Speaks

Difference appears to be the way evil sows its seeds
To place between man and man the density of its weeds.

If there is difference in ideas, thoughts and words
We fail to go back and read the story; about the birds.

A difference in the color of a human face
Is a gift from their God to distinguish between another race.

Difference between religions as tho the founder was the intent
Rather the message more important than whom was sent.

Evil knows that through difference will always be its gain
It can sit on both sides of the fence and play the difference game.

This is not arbitrary but more so we just don’t think
It is as tho we see the faucet but someone said; we can’t drink.

I would hope humans would treat difference as a creator’s gift
That their belief, faith and hope would contribute and not cause a rift.

Evil knows that once you eat of its seed
Difference will be treated as a harvest of the evil weed.

At least recognize it, accept it and because of it do not cause fear
The evil one is quite good at distorting what is really very clear.

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