By Andrew Noske

My eyes closed, I see the dolphin glide,
It’s smooth streamline body slides through the water.
Below the glassy waves it weaves a playful path.
Folding above and below the surface of the water.
Rolling onto her side, this noble creature looks up at me.

A dark intelligent eye looks into my body. Asking if I want to play.
I smile back.
From the bow of the boat I cannot reach the dolphin to stroke its soft body, to touch its nose and place my head against its head and bond.
For this moment, I just admire its beauty, intelligence and grace from the other side of the water’s surface.
Even without tactile embrace, we connect through our eyes and the glistening water edge.
The dolphin smiles back at me, to say that she understands. This moment will be continued in another dream. After a few more waves she descends. Our time to play will continue in another dream.

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