Draco Bizarro

By Island Princess

He was mighty strong and fierce
yet he had a gentle heart.
Deep dark pools of passion reflected from his eyes.
Telling tales from his barren soul
the living breathing source of his very existence.
He lived on the edge as if there was no tomorrow,
afraid of life yet more afraid not to live to its fullest.
Raw emotions giving way to heartfelt feelings,
soft delicate words once whispered upon her ear.
Telling of his adoration, desire and lust.
This mighty Dragon baring his soul, giving his all, his complete self.
Trusting in love letting down all his guards and defenses,
she takes his hopes, dreams and compassion and crushes them in a
moments breath with one flap of her wings.
Leaving this majestic being alone within himself.
His heart crying out for love, dying with every beat.
This Draco Bizarro was once mighty, strong and fierce.
But, he had a gentle heart……

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