Drinking A Lot Peeing A Lot

By Anonymous

Drinking a lot
Peeing a lot
Is it my body?
Or the weather is hot?

Go to the doctor, people say
Maybe I can wait another day
I don’t like hospitals anyway
But still need to know if I am okay

So, it seems that my pancreas is lazy
Don’t say diabetes, it drives me crazy. Sugar diabetes, I detest you You made my vision and life hazy

Testing blood sugar is not fun
Day after day, I’m never done
How to know what to eat?
While my sugars continue to jump and run

Feeling locked, maybe I am “low ”
And when “high” I’ m tired and slow
My beta cells are on strike
They permanently cut the insulin flow

Tell me pharmacist: is this number a price or a date?
Paying for insulin, something I hate
So expensive, and no one cares
Diabetes, no doubt, is a pricey fate

Insulin pumps can talk to iPhone
Continuous sensors can detect the ketone. If the technology is so advanced Why couldn’t it make a beta cell clone?

Despite a diagnosis harsh and dure
I remain positively sure
Science will concur the despair
And one day we will have a CURE

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