By Sara G

High school is a place were students discover themselves

A place where there is people that are hurting

And filled with a little bit of hope

High school is where you build your future

You can succeed or fail or just give up and drop out but

We are encouraged and educated to try our best and get back

Up when we fail

But sometimes it’s hard to keep getting up

From failure

Prison a silly word to compare high school with

It’s a feeling that most kids and adolescents feel

When they are in a school

Why is that?

Think about being in a place where there is authority that

are watching you

All the time

A place where you have to follow rules and and listen for


Wouldn’t that be torture

Everyone wants freedom and a willing to do whatever they want

But school is not like that

When you drop out and give up its like throwing green paper away

Money something that is needed to live

I gaze upon a window of a doctor and lawyer

And wonder how they did it?

What did i do wrong?

My thoughts linger around my head and become loud

As I get back to work to a place where they don’t pay as good as other jobs

I don’t get enough money but I get hurt every day, my legs hurt and my hands have

Blisters it is painful but it’s the only way I get money

Is it still worth dropping out?

All this pain isn’t worth the money I get but I can’t change the past

And I must keep going until I get a miracle

I read the news and see about 1.2 million students drop out per year

I am one of those

I’m ashamed, I could have kept going and becoming the writer that I wanted to become

But gave up and dropped out

Oh dear high school I wish kids were not silly enough to leave

And work in places where it’s less pay and too much pain

High school please keep kids in so they can accomplish their dream

Don’t let them become the fool that I am today

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