By Judy Reeves

At first, I barely noticed your presence
all I saw of you was
a swift turn of the head
no one else noticed
but I did
Over time you became bolder
extrovert, out there
then, everyone noticed
when the spasmodic jerking began
I hated you. Prayed for you to go away
but as time ticked on ….
clearly, you were going nowhere
you just grew wild, wilder wilder AND WILDER
like a windup toy spinning out of control
you were reckless with my emotions
physical wellbeing too
my neck, you caused to twist
turn, shake, twist, twist, turn, shake
whether standing, sitting or lying in bed
the pain was often too much
it brought me down
right down
I wanted to die
I could no longer with live with you
especially when the medics had no clue

Eventually together we grew
you tolerated me and I you
until a quarter of a century later
…. that’s how long it took.
Eventually a Neurologist took one look
he recognised you straight away
‘Ah her name is Dystonia
she is not a mystery.’
he was confident as he told me
it wasn’t all in my head
as so many had often said
he has helped to calm you down
with the Botox injections
administered quarterly
your wildness is more moderate
the pain I felt is far far less
and now we can co-relate
though we will never fully be mates

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