Ebola In The Middle East

By Tony Adah

There’s Ebola disease in the middle east
And the virus doesn’t need an electron microscope
To view;
It is big, it is a ginormous bug
And it spew hate and death
In its innoculum that smothers in
Grey and black smokes.
It bites with its teeth of shrapnel
Seeking for unattainable peace
The quest that turns the land to pieces.
It is preventable
But pride will make it endemic
As it is endemic now
Then it will shrink at the cost
Of human blood.
The virus drinks blood
It draws blood
And the spectators watch
In hooded garments thinking
That they’re safe
But the spectators want blood drawn
So that oil too can be drawn
Into their yawning barrels
Still it is the spectators that
Can call a truce to this raging war
And not the virus poised to kill.

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