Education, The Key To Success

By Jonathan Karanja

From generation to generation, from time to time,
Hast education among men been exalted,
We’ve our children been telling two things do rhyme,
These are diligence and education-possessing value untold.

Without skill, none can read nor write,
Nor can one a simple, mere highway signpost decipher,
Even along a road, one needs a bit of skill of blue,
‘As to identify colours from others and even directions.

Not only colours, but even information and messages as well,
One needs education to write read and decode,
Even one language from another to tell,
One needs education, to read languages many & even ‘encode’,

As a globe trotter, well versed in the ways of the world,
One needs education, as a ‘vehicle’ and means to success,
‘Course one cannot travel to Spain, Israel, China or Arab world,
If you do not even an iota of knowledge possess!

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