Effortlessly Thin Girl

By Maya Robena

Talking about themselves,
her friends never stop,
to think of her silence,
or how her eyes always drop,
when they mention fat,
when they mention weight loss,
how skinny that girl is,
how fat those girls are,
diet, diet, diet,
thinking in her head,

she laughs;
if only they knew,
if only they noticed,
when they mention my weight,
it is not effortless,
she thinks of the pain,
and laughs again,
if only they knew,
she was slowly dieing,
and was too tired to move,

because she was starving,
yet no,
they don’t notice,
they call her lazy,
never stopping to wonder why,
‘how is she so thin’
‘she’s so lazy’
she laughs at this once more,
if only they looked at her,
and noticed her ribs,
her hip bones,
her collarbones,
her eyes,
so full of tortured pain,
they would know what weight loss is,
what diet means to her,
and maybe,
just maybe,
they would realize their weight,
is -just fine-…

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