Elegy For A Mouseketeer

By Anonymous

I didn’t exist…not yet
when she smiled –
donning black felt mouse ears
black and white images on
Zenith television sets
viewed globally by millions
in happy homes –
adored – all American
a member of the kiddie club.

I didn’t exist… not quite
when she smiled –
donning swimsuits on surfboards
colorful, sunny images in
movie theaters
viewed globally by millions
of happy, hopeful teens –
admired – girl next door
a member of the boomer club.

I met her after school…and Sunday evenings
when I smiled –
entranced with re-runs of black felt mouse ears
and beach blanket fun on a
Sony television set
viewed by me – only me
happy, healthy, hopeful –
forever youthful – timeless
a member of my club now.

I couldn’t comprehend MS or her pain
when she smiled
donning leg braces, wheels, or a cane
black and white images in
print – colorful in life
on television sets
viewed by millions
of distraught boomers – mouseketeers
A member of the disabled club.

I exist – I know her well
we all smile for her, with her, because of her
bittersweet death, understanding now –
donning chairs with wheels, braces, canes
black and white, color images embedded
in hearts and minds
embraced by millions
of boomer mouseketeers and
generation X, Y…and others like me…
a fellow member of the MS club – a fellow MSketeer.

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