By Faizel Farzee

As I journey through the tracks of life, I lost my train of thought

Emotions avoiding to feel, it’s closest touch of feeling, is distraught

Trapped in a whirlwind of unemotional cyclones
Feelings trapped, feelings caught

My essence seeping from my skin daily, I question of fight or flight
Decaying self worth
I fought

Dividing by zero, a bitter chaotic end, life has its lessons, I’m not listening
It comes to nought

I’m married to the darkness, a trial in error, the verdict still out
I’m lost in court

A life settled in coin, casket to cross the river to the afterlife
Paid in full with despair
It’s bought

I wish this train would return,
Take me with it on it’s journey, let my self worth become my companion, I crave it
My escort

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