By Herbert Nehrlich

A man who thought he needed wings
to fly above the lands of kings
woke up one morning with a pair
that been stitched from angel hair.

He moved them gently fro and to
and like a feathered bird he flew!
He should have been content with flight
but, boyed by arrogance and height,

he climbed and climbed until he came
close to the sun’s eternal flame.
And if he knew about the sky
that only birds, not humans fly,

he did ignore the laws of science
and operated in defiance.
The sun did not take kindly to
the human who was bold and flew

but did not worry over things
because, right then the fellow’s wings
had started to disintegrate
which sealed the fliers sorry fate.

The wings had been prepared with wax
and bound with angel hair and flax
both melted in the sun’s warm rays
which tells you that it never pays
to challenge God, as you may die,
since only birds and pilots fly.

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