Food With Poison....

By Sylvia Frances Chan

My Testimony:

It is said that
All food we eat become poison.

Total awareness makes all we eat poison free
total awareness is immunity against all poisons
some get this immunity from the dark ages
some get this by meditating daily

but the only truest possibility
to get total immunity
against all poisons in what we eat is
our belief in the only Truth.

The only Truth is God
if we believe in God totally
we pray daily and confess our sins daily
and constantly being honest to Him
and we treat our neighbors
as we treat ourselves
and we hold high the 10 commandments
and we know the prayer our Father
and we follow exactly the rules

then we are assured
we will never get ill
we won’t have any disease
we eat poisoned food by chance
we won’t get sick at all
our body and inside has the immunity
got from God as a Blessing in our daily life

since we are God’s Blessed children
miracles still exist
this what we just read
is one of the miracles we will meet….

Wishing you all Happy Fourth Advent Week

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