Forbidden Love

By Anonymous

Secretly the moon dances with the stars,
Across the night sky,
They shift and glitter against the darkness of life,
Two dancers in love as their love shines down.
Maybe in the moon’s silver gaze,
We too,
Can twirl and dance among the teary stars,
Will our love shine just as brightly as the others?
Maybe our souls will float with them in the drift less night sky.
Let’s jump into our dream world,
And float in the mist of hope,
Twirling and dancing in the silver tears,
From the angels above.
We can sit in the barren field and look up,
Look up at the moon is it shines,
Its beauty interwinting with that of the stars,
If we close our eyes and pray,
Maybe the scornful sun wont arise,
Ending our love and forcing it back into the shadows.
The sun arises,
And we must cloak our love into the shadows.
Do not cry,
But if you happen to,
Don’t fret,
For the moon will sing to our hearts and love.
Your silver tears you shed in sorrow the moon will hold onto in the stars,
And float along with our hopes and dreams in the luminous night sky,
Until they arise again,
Then once more we can twirl in the silver shadows of night,
Where we can display our true love.

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