Gift Of Magic And Love

By Ciana R. Geckle

Tis the season for warmth and cheer,
To be with our family and those we hold dear.
But what if we are miles away?
What if we can’t be there on Christmas day?

We could send a beautiful Christmas card,
A glittery ornament that shines like a star,
A tin of cookies so warm and sweet,
But there’s only one gift that makes it complete.

It’s sent through the snowflakes in the air,
Through an angel’s peaceful and heavenly prayer,
Through the verdant Christmas tree,
Through the Holy Babe, sleeping peacefully.

This gift is magical in every way.
It only comes on Christmas day.
It’s what makes us truly rich;
A heartfelt, loving Christmas wish.

It’s bright and big like the Bethlehem star.
It stretches wide and travels far.
It’s the first snow of Christmas day.
It’s the sun’s warm and hopeful ray.

This precious gift I gladly send.
It’s a Christmas wish to my family and friends:
May love, peace, and joy in your lives stay,
And may you have a Merry Christmas – always!

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