Giving And Forgiving

By Freeman E. Miller

Tis not by selfish miser’s greed
The great rewards of love are given;
‘Tis not the cynic’s haughty creed
Which gladly makes this world a heaven;
But tender word and loving deed
Increase the angel joys of living,
And mortals gain life’s grandest meed
By acts of giving and forgiving.
Let warriors bold with armies fight
Their awful battles brave and gory,
To reap the harvest of their might
And fill a gaping world with glory!
The humble heroes, out of sight,
Where hidden tears and woes are striving,
Win victories for truth and right
By deeds of giving and forgiving.
Let mighty kings of loyal lands
Despise the faithful sons of duty,
And with the swords of vandal hands
Destroy the homes of joy and beauty;
The honest lords of low commands
Will find a nobler way of thriving,
In lonely vales where sorrow stands,
By sweets of giving and forgiving.
Let rich men with their heaps of gold
Be servants of the shining splendor,
And crush the bosom, poor and old,
That lives by mercies pure and tender;
But still the soul with saints enrolled
Will keep its charity surviving,
And have its humble glory told
In tales of giving and forgiving.
O, helping hands and Christian hearts,
Twin parents of the race’s gladness,
God speed the time when your sweet arts
Shall banish every sign of sadness!
When mournful cries, when pain’s wild darts,
Shall cease to curse the days of living,
And Heaven’s love to man imparts
The joys of giving and forgiving.

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