God's All-Embracing Love

By Eliza Scudder

Thou grace divine, encircling all,
A soundless, shoreless sea
Wherein at last our souls shall fall;
O love of God most free,

When over dizzy steeps we go
One soft hand blinds our eyes,
The other leads us, safe and slow,
O love of God, most wise!

And though we turn us from thy face,
And wander wide and long,
Thou hold’st us still in thine embrace,
O love of God most strong!

The saddened heart, the restless soul,
The toil-worn frame and mind,
Alike confess thy sweet control,
O love of God most kind!

But not alone thy care we claim
Our wayward steps to win;
We know thee by a dearer name,
O love of God, within!

And filled and quickened by thy breath
Our souls are strong and free
To rise o’er sin, and fear, and death,
O love of God, to thee!

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