Going Unnatural

By Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Encountering no problem,
If follow straight path,
Life becomes hell,
If nothing goes well,

If you brush well,
No pain in tooth,
No more tooth decay
And no more bad smell,

If you pay attention,
And study well,
Less will be tension,
Good will me mention,

If foundation laid strong,
You will be best among,
Name will be on top,
March no one can stop,

If natural water flow is stopped,
Low area will be submerged,
Surface water logged,
Traffic standstill and vehicles bogged,

If deforestation unchecked,
Land become barren and looks naked,
Forest wealth decline and totally lost,
It may cause havoc with heavy cost,

Adding chemicals in water,
And making rivers polluted,
Nature’s impact diluted,
More problems invited,

Intake of excessive rich food,
Burning of more fire wood,
All leads to harm and more disaster,
All in ignorance if not heeded to master,

Late in bed and not early rising,
System failure more and problem arising,
No evening walk or no light exercise,
Body wears more and result not precise,

Isolation such that you can’t even dream,
Doing for a self great irreparable harm,
No social status and lack welcome warm,

So anything unnatural invites more attention,
Answers you find less and face more questions,
Life not peaceful and face more tension,
Wide will be a gap and no more liaison

It has been a lesson not to go unnatural,
neither will be ethical nor even moral,
failure chances more than great success,
nature will help if have more access

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