Good Vs Evil

By Anonymous

the inner need to degrade our worth
is engraved in each of our hearts
it has been a part of us since birth
to deceive and cheat and lie

the choice is simple, the path is straight
yet still we stumble and we fall
I’m sure every one can relate
the longing we have to do what is wrong

as easy as it should be for you and me
to just do what we know is right
someone out there steals the jewelry
someone tells a simple lie

it might be me, or it may be you
who swings first, who says a hurtful word
but its still evil, we all know its true
we are not good, we choose to do wrong

there is never an in between
either wrong or right, good or evil
You cannot be nice and mean
There is no way to choose both

We all have a choice to make, to choose
To live a life of lies and hate
To give it all away, to always lose
Or choose good in the bad

To have a hope when you’re raised in pain
To look past your parents choices
To hope for the sunshine after the rain
There is always going to be good and evil

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