Grandfathers' Over Time

By Anonymous

Up and out I go to catch a train
From the train to work to use my brain
Kids left behind with little hugs
To wait to see them back in my house.

The time screams by oh so quick
Before too long the kids
Are no more around as my sidekicks
For off they go to form new cliques.

Time flies by to prepare the day
For a chance to mend my former ways.
For God has granted more little feet
To hug and hold and sweetly greet.

No longer does my demanding work
Distract me from real lifework.
To play, to hold, to encourage, to love
Grandkids that fit like a glove.

To never waste the time I’ve been given
How best to show I no longer shun
The time to play, to encourage, to love
All that God has given from above

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