Granted A Wish

By Anonymous

If we were granted any wish, I’ll tell you what we’d do,
We’d wish our kids were small again, for just a month or two.
To hear their squeals of laughter, to watch them while they play.
And when they ask us to join in, we wouldn’t say, “Not today.”

To hug again their chubby frames, to kiss away their tears,
and cherish childhood innocence that washed away the years.
Then when it’s story time again, we’d stay a little longer,
to answer questions, sing the songs, so memories would be stronger.

But time is callous, wishes, myth, yet God in all his wisdom,
has given us another chance before we join his kingdom.
Your faces may not be just the same, your names are changed, ’tis true,
but yet the smile that radiates reminds us so much of you.

God must have known that grandparents would need a chance or two.
For many little happy things, we hadn’t time to do.
So God gave love to grandparents to equal that before, that,
in effect embraces those little lives they bore.