Guinea Pigs, Friends To Rich And Poor

By Bethany L

Guinea pigs are special creatures
Because they fell from heaven,

To spread the joy across the land
With their infectious sound called wheeking

The cry brought people from miles around
Just to here their song,
The only price for this melody
Is that food must be brought

The search was on, to find the food
That filled their hearts desire,
But the people could find nothing more
Than green blades of vegetation

The people sighed nervously
As they laid down their find,
They feared their food would not impress
The greedy guinea pigs stomach

But, to their surprise
The guinea pigs loved the simple dish,
And soon a whole field was bare
As they ate, ate, ate and ate

A guinea pig will always eat
The food that you buy for them,
But there little heart skips a beat
When a special food is mentioned

So whether you are rich or poor
You will still be able to afford,
A guinea pigs favourite food because
It happens to be grass!

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