Halloween Night For The Kids

By Charles Eric Carroll

Halloween night. Evil spirits abound,
Up they spring from coffins under ground.
Stalking you from trees and behind closed doors,
They jump out at you as you walk across creaking floors.
Jack-o-lanterns heated by the fire of the devil’s light,
Alive they are now, to fill you with fright.
Black cats run around, crossing your path,
Cross it and you will suffer a seven-year wrath.
Witches fly around on their brooms to scare,
Give them what they want, if not beware.
Zombies everywhere, coming out from everywhere it seems,
Your nightmare comes true; no longer just in your dreams.
Ghosts float around, no feet to touch the ground,
Their haunting moans stop you; make your heart start to pound.
Monsters of all kinds, old and new,
Will come out to scare the life out of you.
So don’t wander off alone or away from brightly lit places,
Or the dead will swarm you with their ghoulish faces.
Make you one of their own they surely will do,
The Grim Reaper will come and it will be the end for you!

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