Happiness Is To Be Found In God Alone

By Eliza and Sarah Wolcott

I’ve seen earth’s prospects blasted,
To me they’ve died away;
But heaven’s bright promise lasted,
Which never can decay.
I’ve felt the fond emotion
Of pity and of love;
But nothing’s like devotion,
Which lifts the heart above.
Then earth may tell her story,
Of pomp and all its gain;
To me this boasted glory,
Is nothing worth—’tis vain.
To know that God approveth,
Is better far than wealth;
He chastens those he loveth,
To keep their souls in health.
True value, and true glory,
His word will then unfold;
This is no transient story,
But truth confirm’d of old.
‘Tis this can give us pleasure,
When friends away are fleeting,
Be this my lasting treasure,
When life’s last pulse is beating.

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