Hard To Escape

By Alyssa D'Amico

It is hard to escape

When feeling in outer space

How will life be?

What is wrong with me?

I am blinded and cannot see

Fear can sometimes be near

At this point, it is all up to you for what to do

Medication can be noticed

Side effects can show

How many fingers do I see?

You put up one, but I see three

Fuzzy vision

Viewing double

Another delusion

Making up stories

Seizures out of control

Not having a say

Make that headache go away!

Suffering everyday

But don’t give up today

A cure is waiting to be found

Doctors searching all around

To figure out what to do

Hospitals can make you feel alone

When in real life

Others are there that do care

Everyone waiting for epilepsy to go and stay away

When feeling in out of space

It is hard to escape

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