He Departed From Us By

Dr Ancy Eapen

He departed from us –
Into another world….
At daybreak—
I stood at his bedside
Overcome with sadness ‘n fatigue..
I couldn’t hold back, the cascading tears,
Flowing down, manly middle-aged cheeks.
Memories, like a blast of wind descended upon my conscious mind.
His smiling face–
Greeting every patient even on hectic OP schedules…
His flippant jokes,
And instant laughter!
His undying optimism:
‘‘Let’s fight and kill this virus, buddies!”
I remembered it all— Now, the deadly monster
Had made a mockery Of his bravado, He himself…devoured … annihilated..
By the deadly virus.
‘Goodbye. My friend.’
Whispered I, And walked towards the door.

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