Heaven's Reaction

By Greta Zwaan

What was it like up in heaven when the Light no longer shone?
How did the seraphs and angels respond when Jesus was gone?

Did they know of His mission beforehand? Had they gathered to bid Him farewell?
Was apprehension a factor? Would there be many stories to tell?

And, what about Jesus’ own feelings? Leaving His glory behind;
Descending to earth as a baby to reach out to all of mankind?

Had there been many meetings in glory, preparing for what lay ahead?
That this Ruler of all earth and heaven through testings and trials should be led?

Relinquish the joy and the honour for torture and hatred from man.
Did the angels agree with God’s method? Were they even aware of God’s plan?

I think if I’d been an angel and had known what things man would do,
To destroy this gift of a Saviour, I’d have said, “Dear Jesus, not You!

Let man find his own way of justice, they don’t want to hear what You say;
There’s greed, self-love and pure hatred, there’s anger, distrust and dismay.”

But Jesus’ pure love never faltered, His eyes never strayed from His goal;
He set His mind for redemption, to reclaim man’s guilt-ridden soul.

For thirty-three years, up in glory, while Jesus walked down here on earth,
It must have been desperately lonely; no Light, no joy, no mirth.

There must have been great anxious moments, knowing the grief He would bear,
And feeling their helpless condition; worse still, not a way they could share.

Was it essential for Jesus, Creator, the Sustainer of all;
To draw man up from the mire – man who’d been ruined by the fall?

Yes! For there could be no other, none else could be found free of sin.
T’was Jesus, the pure and the holy, to draw fallen man back again.

Then, oh, what tremendous rejoicing, when even one sinner turns back,
The angels in heaven proclaiming, “He’s conquered o’er Satan’s attack!”

The grief they had felt at His parting, replaced by the joy of this soul;
Who once had been lost in great darkness, now totally in Jesus’ control.

This Light, the Light of all heaven, was shared with all travellers on earth,
Proclaiming the way of salvation, announcing the thrill of new birth.

Now all who have heard God’s true message, and all who would call on His name,
Are given the promise of sharing in all that His Word does proclaim.

“He is risen! Gone back to glory!” The angels rejoice with great zeal!
The portals of heaven are ringing, “SALVATION! Salvation is real!”

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