By Bassir Qadiri

There is a risk let’s get conscious

That is to know better the hepatitis virus

This is hepatitis infection

Through blood is its transmission

Also through sharing needles and sexual

Or to a baby through maternal

The infection has two faces

Acute and chronic phases

If it gets chronic

The liver may get catastrophic

Cirrhosis, weakness and insomnia

Metastasis to other organs due to hepatocellular carcinoma

No symptoms in many people

However, some suffer ample

Therefore, better to know the symptoms

There are suffering in all the systems

After contracting the virus

Symptoms it gives, are generous

They appear in a few months

Fever or feeling in the stomach, moths

Yellowish skin and loss of weight

Nausea, depression and faint

You need urgent talk to doctors

Share with them all the factors

To diagnose this sneaky infection

Need a test of the blood reaction

Luckily, there is treatment for it

With vaccination and drugs you can beat

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