Homebound Angels

By Mary Crump

Those old semi-wheels are whining as they sing along the road, Headin’ down a busy freeway, just to drop another load. The ramblin’ fever that’s inside me has been satisfied today, And I’m thinking of my home and some things I’d like to say.
To see the lights of home is not an everyday occurance And truckers’ wives are “homebound angels” winning wings for their endurance. She keeps the home fires burning as her man rolls down the road And waits patiently for his return at the end of many loads.

So keep the home fires burnin’ — it won’t be much longer — Until I see the lights of home, welcoming me to feed my hunger. It’s just like heaven when I can return to you and to our humble abode, But don’t count on it forever — I’ll soon be headin’ down the road.

When I must leave my homebound angel for my travelin’ way of life, I thank God for the courage He has given to a trucker’s wife!

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