How Can I Keep From Giving?

By Robert Franklin Skillings

Over against the treasury
Emmanuel was sitting;
The rich cast in of their great wealth
What seemed to them befitting.
A widow came and gave two mites,
Which then was all her living;
She did the most of all the host—
How can I keep from giving?
How blest the man who knows Thy word,
“Give and it shall be given;”
His all he brings unto the Lord,
His treasure! is in heaven.
Help me, dear Lord, that I may give
Thus even all my living;
Since of Thy bounty I receive,
How can I keep from giving?
I have received a precious gift,
No mortal tongue can speak it;
The like is ready now for all
Who diligently seek it.
I can but sing the praise of Him
From whom I am receiving;
And as He gives Himself to me,
How can I keep from giving?
To love the Lord with all the heart,
And as myself my neighbor,
I mean to strive with all my might,
And to this end will labor.
And may I never faithless prove,
But always be believing;
For while I think of Thy great love,
How can I keep from giving?

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