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The world of poetry has exploded in recent years, and so too has the number of online publishers. Poetry has never been more popular than it is today. The internet provides an easy way for poets to share their work, and Palette Poetry was explicitly created with this in mind. 

The organisation believes in the power of words and has a mission dedicated to giving writers opportunities for exposure, understanding, and connection with others who are passionate about language.  This article shares all you need to know about how best to post on palette poetry, so your poems are read by as many people who want them!

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What is Palette Poetry?

Palette Poetry is a poetry organisation whose goal is to publish the best poetry possible, no matter how it’s written. They have one mission: To create an encouraging space for all voices and ensure that everyone has access to good art.

How does Palette Poetry Work?

Palette poetry accepts submissions for various competitions on its website. Examples of these competitions include their “Emerging Poet Prize”, “The Palette Poetry Prize”, “The Sappho Prize”, to mention a few. Contestants stand a chance to win $2500-$4000 for the first place, $300 for second place and $200 for placing third. Most competitions have a reading fee of $20.

How to enter competitions on Palette Poetry

To Enter a competition:

  • Navigate to their website
  •  Read the Submission guidelines carefully.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button, which will guide you through an application called Submittable.

How to be a featured poet on Palette Poetry

Palette poetry accepts poetry submissions all year round, where selected poems will receive $50- $150 per poem featured on their website. 

To be featured on Palette Poetry:

  • navigate to their website
  • Read the Submission guidelines carefully.
  • Click the submit button, which will guide you through Submittable

What is Submittable

Palette Poetry uses Submittable for all their review and submissions. Thousands of organisations use submittable to build customised online submission and application forms. So you will need to create a free account to complete your request. The process is relatively seamless and will take you less than a minute to sign up.

Palette Poetry submission guidelines

  • Submissions are open to writers worldwide.
  • Only English submissions will be accepted.
  • You are permitted to submit your work on other platforms. Just give them a heads up.
  • You may not submit more than five (5) poems.
  • Submissions may not be any longer than ten (10) pages.
  • Palette Poetry does not accept multiple submissions. Make sure all your pieces are in a single document.
  • Remember to attach a cover letter with a list of your previous publications.
  • Responses may take eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks, so be patient.

Why Publish on Palette Poetry?

Palette is a great place to publish your poetry. Whether you’re an experienced author or just starting, Palette will help you reach more readers and get your poems featured on their website.

They have an excellent team of editors who help ensure that every piece is the best it can be before being published online or in print. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to be featured on their website, but you can also get paid if your application is accepted.

Palette Poetry Alternatives

Grain Magazine

Grain Magazine is an award-winning literary journal that publishes four times per year. Technically, they don’t have guidelines for submitting poetry because they’re always looking for as many new voices as possible! 

They typically accept submissions of individual poems up to a maximum of six pages long and encourage you to read one or two issues before sending in your work so that you can get the whole experience. Payment is $50 per page with a maximum payout of $250.

Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation is the publisher of the long-standing poetry magazine. The company pays for previously unpublished works accepted into their publication and limits submissions to four poems per submission.

The Poetry Foundation pays out $10 per line for published poems. They pay a minimum of $300, and they distribute the works at their discretion with no exclusivity requirements on your end!

New Myths

New Myths is a quarterly ezine edited by an international community of writers and artists. They only accept poems that are science fiction or fantasy-themed and allow a maximum of five submissions at one time. They pay 1.5 cents per word, with a minimum payout of $30 for published poetry submissions.

Palette poetry is a fantastic way to get your work out there. It is an incredible new start for those who have never been published before and are looking to get their voice heard or even as an outlet of creativity in the digital age.

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