Human Trafficking

By Glamorous Enigma

All over the world;

Trafficked people are tricked,
by false promises they are attracted

There is no mercy!
When the way is to delinquency
There is no pity
When the way is to cruelty
There is no humanity
When the way is to atrocity
There is no love
When the way is to hate
There is no forgiveness
When the way is to intolerance

When the human rights violation are prevalent
When the child abuses are predominant
When the teenager exploitations are persistent
When the girl oppressions are constant
When the woman mistreatments are incessant

When the Humans are the ZOMBIE victims
When the children are the pedophiles victims
When the teenagers are exploited in the worst crimes
When the girls are the victims of sexual violence
When the women are injured physically and morally

There are no words can describe these aggressions
There are no words can express these corruptions
There are no words can define these transgressions
There are no words can recognize these indiscretions
There are no words can identify these condemnations

Human Trafficking or Slavery
of the 21st Century
demolishes the freedom
and buries
Guiltily, it kills innocents
and murders.

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